In this digital age, so much change is happening in the way of technology, society, and even health. For example, we’ve all had to adapt to drastic changes brought on by the global Covid-19 pandemic.


As a young business owner and thriving optimist, I expected a lot from 2021. I expected our country to take great strides in managing the pandemic. No comment. I expected life to deliver some well-deserved good news. I even expected, at some point, to make the business that I already owned an international entity. What I never expected was to find myself heading into the creative director role of an established company, with the goal of making it into a digital empire.


When we came across 9TX Media, it was a thriving small business run by one woman who had to make some tough decisions. Giving up one’s business is never an easy decision but, after looking into the state of the company and speaking to the owner, we saw her vision. We saw the potential.  We saw what she saw, and we wanted to keep it going.


It is now months after our first interaction and here we are. I find myself as the “Creative Director” of a new company and I must divulge that I never expected it. This change, which was welcomed, was not what I thought 2021 had in store for me and I knew that it would bring along its own challenges.


The rebrand was the first challenge.


Rebranding an existing brand is never easy. From the get-go you are working under the pressure of having to outdo yourself and having to improve on what is already there. It’s easy to choke. However, with the team we work with, I was able to, along with my business partner, spearhead an intense and refreshing rebrand of 9TX Media. It took many hours, many revisions, and lots of risk to finally settle on the perfect new identity to suit this already amazing company.


Going back to the basics of design like the elements and principles of design, colour psychology, and using our expertise to predict what will have a current impact, as well as longstanding longevity, we were able to rebrand this company the right way. I often find myself referring to all the basics I’ve learnt over the years when I found myself stuck, and it works every time.


The new colours are a wild move away from the beautiful blue we found initially with the company. The yellow and purple project pure vibrancy, life, exclusivity, and class. Taking on two new colours versus the original single Pantone are a visual representation of our plans for expansion. We wanted to keep colour as an important part of our new brand because we want to keep that beautiful breath of life with which 9TX media always operates.


The entire structure of the brand had to change. That was the hardest part, beyond the colours. We needed to find a way to make it look modern, elegant, and functional while still portraying fun and creativity. Taking a minimalist approach left us with some desirable outcomes. I was very skeptical and worried about how it would translate onto different platforms and if it was powerful enough. However, I was happy to find that after we made it into a visual statement, the new logo stood on its own two feet.


The feeling of accomplishment after finding a meaningful direction for the company is almost as satisfying as having a Formula One race go exactly the way you want, after looking forward to it all Sunday morning.


I never expected it but, having pulled off this new look and refreshed brand identity, I feel like this is the catalyst for what we will do in the future. 9TX Media always had a direction and to take the reins from one creative and shift it to another was no easy feat. Having conquered this initial challenge, I feel like we will soar.


I will not lie; I had some reservations about making this move. However, I have never backed down from a creative challenge and that is something I want to carry throughout this company. We will honour the vision and successes of those that came before, but I welcome this new era of 9TX Media. An era where we are bold and fearless in our approach. An era where we lead ahead of trends and establish ourselves as worthy competitors.


I look forward to leading the creative direction that we will follow and use for our clients, and I mainly look forward to being the ”Creative Director” that the company and our clients deserve.


- Tyler Hattingh